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Swimming Pool Heaters
"We supply specially designed pool heaters for our Sundance pool range"

Pool heating doesn't need to be complicated. At Way Mill Pools we only supply the best and most efficient swimming
pool heaters that are specially designed to compliment our range of Sundance pools.


You can heat your swimming pool in a range of ways:

You could use a gas or oil boiler with a heat exchanger.

Bowman Heat Exchanger
We recommend the Bowman Heat Exchanger as it runs smoothly with the salt water purification system, being made with corrosion resistant cupronickel tubes and bronze end covers. The units are very easy to maintain as both the end covers and tube stack can be removed easily for cleaning, this is unique to the Bowman design.

Alternatively you can use Economy 7 – off peak electricity with a direct electric heater for use with the smaller pools.

Swimming Poool Heaters Devon
Air to Water Heat Pumps
Or you can use an electric air to water heat pump which extracts free heat from the atmosphere. Air to water heat pumps are the most economical forms of pool heating and now one of the most popular choices. We recommend Certikin and Elecro outdoor heat pumps based on their quality and performance.
"We work with the following to supply only the best in swimming pool heating"
Devon swimming pool construction swimming pools Devon Devon swimming pools swimming pool construction Devon Devon swimming pool construction
Devon Pool Heaters
Elecro heat pumps are the most reliable and efficient swimming pool heat pumps available on the market. They work by absorbing heat from the air and then transferring this heat in to the pool water. This means that the whole heating process is efficient, clean, ecological and cost effective.
How do they work? Click here to find out more >
Heatstar Pool Heaters

Heatstar manufacture high quality, clean and economical products for heating swimming pool water.

Their products range from small domestic heaters and dehumidifiers through to products suitable for large commercial swimming pools.

We can guide you as to what product would be most suitable for your application.

Devon Pool Heaters
"Heatstar heaters offer All-In-One renewable energy climate control"
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