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Air Handling
"Air handling controls water temperature, air temperature and humidity"
Air handling is essential with an indoor pool  to maintain a pleasant swimming environment, optimise running costs
and to protect the building from damage that will be caused by excessive humidity 

At Way Mill Pools we can supply a variety of solutions depending on your specific requirements. Air handling controls the air temperature and humidity to maintain a pleasant swimming environment and to stop corrosion of the building.

Each air handling solution is specific to each individual pool. The system will vary depending on the size of the pool, whether it is covered when not in use, the insulation of the building and the amount of glazing in the pool room.

  Swimming Pool INstallation Somerset
"Why do I need air handling?"

Without air handling, an indoor swimming pool can make the room in which it is installed, very damp with condensation. This can cause a lot of damage over just a short period of time and can even start to deteriorate the building.

The image to the right shows a building where air handling has been installed and is working correctly to ensure the room doesn't become damp. As you can see the windows are free from condensation and the wooden beams remain in perfect condition.

  Swimming Pool Installation Somerset
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