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  "We can supply different types of covers depending on your application"  

There are two main types of swimming pool cover, these are Solar Covers and Winter Covers.
Both varieties of cover have different purposes and benefits, find out more below.

Solar swimming pool covers are specially designed to retain as much of the heat in your pool as possible. A solar cover, as the name suggests, will also capture any heat generated by the sun. The benefits of this is that heating costs will be kept to a minimum, especially in the
summer months when the sun is shining.
Winter Covers

These are designed for outdoor pools, to keep leaf and other debris out of the pool in the Winter months. Easy to install and easy to remove once the swimming season has arrived, they really help in keeping the pool as clean as possible over the winter months when it is not in use.


Swimming Pool Covers Devon
"Our range of covers are designed to protect your swimming pool"
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