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Q: What type of pool can you install?
A: At Way Mill Pools we specialise in the installation of one piece fibreglass indoor and outdoor pools, we believe these are the most practical and cost effective way to install a pool. Each pool shell has a 10 year guarantee against faulty manufacture. Fibreglass pools are the most common installations in the world. Many pools are now in their third and fourth decade of use.
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Devon pool Cnstruction   Q: Who are your main clients?
A: We have worked with architects, builders and homeowners from initial plans to installation of pools in the South West. Our swimming pools have been installed at Hotels, Holiday lets and private dwellings.
Q: How much does a swimming pool cost?
A: Every swimming pool designed and installed by us at Way Mill Pools is different so it is almost impossible to provide an exact price list. All initial consultations are free and we can provide an estimate for the project you have in mind. It is best to consider a budget beforehand so that we can work to that.
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pool builders Devon   Q: Why should I come to a specialist to design and install my pool?
A: At Way Mill Pools we have a wealth of experience in the swimming pool trade and can provide you with good advice and high quality workmanship. All our swimming pools are guaranteed, so should anything go wrong - we will come and sort it out for you.
Using someone who is inexperienced in swimming pool construction can be very costly in the long run as the job may not be done properly.
Q: What is included in your scope of work?
A: We will take a detailed brief from you as the client and prepare our costings and work schedule based on this brief. Typically this would include, site preparation, pool installation, plumbing and heating connection. We would ensure that you have an adequate electrical supply for the specified equipment and that the installation is in line with the current legislation for electrical appliances near swimming pools. Full commission of the pool with detailed handover to the client. We also produce a Pool Guidelines manual for your specific pool to ensure that you have a reference guide to how to operate all equipment provided.
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Devon Swimming Pool Installers   Q: How big should I make my pool?
A: This really is the critical question. Things to consider are, what is the pool going to used for in the main? Fun for the children, if so how many children at one time? Do you want sloping bottom or flat bottom pool? Is the pool for exercise, if so do you need to swim lengths or would you consider a smaller pool with a counter current unit? These questions and more help formulate what size and shape of pool is best for you. Pool size will also be dependent on your budget, location and potentially planning permission if you are in an Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty or have listed property. We can advise on these issues.

Q: What maintenance will my swimming pool need?
A:Swimming pools will need maintenance to maintain a healthy pool. The main points are 1. Removing leaves, dust etc by vacuuming. 2. Maintaining the PH Level. 3. Sanitizing the water. Outdoor swimming pools will require seasonal maintenance to winterise and get the pool ready for summer. Typically the outdoor season is April to September. (Typically pools being opened in April and closed for the winter at the end of September.) Don't forget that correct winterisation makes the process of pool opening very much easier and less time consuming the following spring.

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