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Water Treatment
"Water treatment is important to keep your pool clean and safe to use"
Once your pool is installed you are going to need some means of keeping the water clean and fit for
humans to use. We always recommend the Sea Salt chlorinators.

These Sea Salt swimming pool sanitizers do not use chemicals, just natural salt. No problems from chlorine, no dangerous chemicals around, no daily chore of adding chemicals to the pool.

With the aid of our swimming pool controller, your pools sanitization can be controlled automatically, ensuring the correct doses are added at the right time, every time.

  Somerset Swimming Pool Construction
"You can benefit from keeping your pool clean the natural way"

Swimming Pool COnstruction Somerset

  Softer, clear water. Not only does it looks good, but it feels great.
Somerset Pool Construction   No reactions to chemicals leading to red eyes, dry skin, dry hair.
Pool Construction Somerset   No problems with allergic reactions to chlorine.
Somerset Swimming Pool Sonstruction   Automatically sanitizes the pool. No need to add a daily dose of chemicals to the pool.
Somerset Swimming Pool COnstruction   Healthy, clean water – keep your swimming pool clean as efficiently as chlorine but by using natural salt you get a therapeutic and healing effect on the body, rather than a harsh chemical clean.
Swimming Pool COnstruction Somerset   No more buying expensive chlorine compounds, nor do you have to store or handle hazardous chemicals.
Pool Building Somerset   None of the system's components need to be installed in the pool itself. The entire system is fitted at the pump and filter.
Somerset Pool Building   Salt levels in the water are kept at 0.7%. This is very close to the salinity of the human body (0.9%) and below the saltiness of the sea (3.5%).
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