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How Do Elecro Heaters Work?
"We supply specially designed pool heaters for our Sundance pool range"

Pool heating doesn't need to be complicated. At Way Mill Pools we only supply the best and most efficient swimming
pool heaters that are specially designed to compliment our range of Sundance pools.

The systems includes an evaporator that absorbs heat from the air. This heat is drawn by the fan through the evaporator coil. Shown (1a).
Heat is then transferred from the air into the cold refrigerant that flows through the evaporator coil. The cooler residual air that is generated from the process is then released out of the heat pump by the fan. Shown (1b).
  Step 2:
The warmed refrigerant is then receive by the compressor. Through the compression action, it is heated, increasing the pressure inside the systems quite substantially. The refrigerant that is now hot will be converted in to a gas that is pumped in to the condenser.
Step 3:
Heat from the the hot refrigerant that is flowing inside the condenser is transferred to the swimming pool water, touching the exterior of the condenser coil, when passing through the heat exchanger. During the process the refrigerant temperature drops increasing the temperature of the pool water.
  Step 4:
The now warm refrigerant flows through the pressure control regulator device (capillaries or expansion valve) reducing the pressure inside the system quite substantially, chilling the refrigerant to a cool state again. The refrigerant is then ready to begin the whole process again and flow in to the evaporator coil to collect the heat.
"Superior efficiency, low running costs"

A swimming pool heat pump only requires energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor. This only requires minimum power consumption in the process.

Elecro heat pumps can produce more then 5 times the amount of heat energy then electrical power consumed in the process. So... for every 1-kW of electricity consumed the pump can produce 5-kW of heat output into the swimming pool water.

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"Elecro swimming pool heaters have superior efficiency"
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