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"Hydrotherapy is recommended for a number of medical conditions"
Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that has been recommended for insomnia, chronic fatigue,
general exhaustion, bad aches and pains, and for fibromyalgia.

All Sundance pools provide excellent hydrotherapy from the larger luxury pools to the smaller more compact pools with countercurrents. The countercurrent allows you to swim on the spot against a bubbling jet of water. You can alter the direction and force of the water jet to suit your swimming strength and can even set it to give a relaxing massage.

Various pool extras like handrails are also available for the less physically able, but with such a huge selection of products on the market, it is advisable to phone to discuss your own individual requirements.

  Outdoor Swimming pools Devon
Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is also recognised as highly beneficial exercise for dogs as it allows a full range of joint motion in reduced weight conditions, which improves muscle tone and promotes tendon repair.

Sundance pools, being fibreglass are ideal for canine use, as sharp claws can’t penetrate the pool unlike the possible problems with liner pools.

  Devon outdoor Swimming Pools
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